CFL Instructor Course

CFL Instructor Course
Monday, July 22-Friday, July 26
8 a.m.-4 p.m.

The mission of MWR’s trained 
Command Fitness Leader/Fitness 
Specialists is to provide 
future CFL’s and AFL’s with 
the tools, motivation and 
guidance needed to help their 
shipmates succeed physically 
and maintain overall good 
health.  This course is for 
military fitness leaders/
instructors to become 
certified. You MUST submit 
a seat request via Navy 
portal, from a CAC reader 
enabled computer.  

For more information, call 
(401) 841-7354.

Command Fitness Leaders (CFLs) 
play an integral part in the 
overall fitness and readiness 
of Sailors. CFLs are not only 
responsible for conducting the 
bi-annual PFA for their 
commands, but also provide 
exercise programming and 
guidance throughout the year 
to ensure the members of their 
command maintain physical 

All CFLs must be trained and 
certified through the five-day 
Command Fitness Leader 
Certification Course.  Upon the 
conclusion of this course, CFLs 
will have the skills, education 
and motivation to lead the way 
in establishing and maintaining 
a culture of fitness for their 
command and the United States 
Navy.  Learn the administrative 
actions and duties of a CFL, 
basic exercise physiology and 
nutrition principles, basic 
PRIMS training, while completing 
intense, daily gym sessions 
teaching various methods for 
exercise programming. Navy Fitness 
has partnered with OPNAV135, 
Physical Readiness Program (PRP), 
for the administration and 
execution of the Command Fitness 
Leader Certification Course. 
Currently, there are more than 
140 trained CFL instructors who 
conduct the CFL Certification 
Course at installations worldwide, 
with more than 100 classes offered 

This MWR event is open to active duty 
personnel Command Fitness Leaders/
Fitness Specialist with base access.