Lifeguard Certification Class

Lifeguard Certification Class
Monday, April 15 - Thursday, April 18
9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

- Swim 300 yards continuously demonstrating breath 
  control & rhythmic breathing.  Candidates may 
  swim freestyle, breaststroke or a combination of 
  both.  There is no time limit for this skill.

- Tread water for two minutes, using  only legs.

- Swim 20 meters using one of the two strokes 
  mentioned above; surface dive to a minimum depth 
  of seven feet, retrieve a 10-pound object and return 
  to the surface; swim back to the starting point and 
  get out of the water without using the ladder.  When 
  returning to the starting point, candidate must hold
  the object out of the water with both hands while 
  swimming on their back; this skill must be 
  accomplished with their face out of the water, 
  without goggles, and within one minute and 40 

- $175 military patrons
  (active duty personnel, retirees, reservists, eligible 
  family members, DoD civilians and contractors)
  Includes books, certifications & pocket mask

- Credit cards & cash accepted, no checks please.  
  Payment due prior to the first day of class.

- 15 years old by the end of class in order to participate.


For more information, call (401) 841-6628.

This MWR event is open to active duty personnel, retirees, reservists, 
eligible family members, DoD civilians and contractors with base access.