NAVSTA Newport - Child Development Center

CYP programs are preparing to expand capacities as the base transitions to HPCON Charlie.  The focus continues to be on COVID Mission Essential Personnel.
For currently enrolled families:
- A completed COVID MEP form must be completed by your command and submitted to CYP.  You would be considered COVID MEP if you meet all of the below criteria:
o Your command is requiring you to report to work in person, and you are not teleworking.
o No other parent is teleworking or at home for any reason. 
- CYP staff will be reaching out to you over the next few business days to determine if you will need care in the near future.  Capacity is still limited, but expanding substantially over current limitations.  Once those needing care have been identified, CYP staff will reach out to parents to let them know whether sufficient capacity exists to support a spot for their child(ren).     
- Fees will continue to be waived for people who aren’t attending.
- More details will be sent directly to parent emails.  Please reach out to us with any questions once you’ve reviewed that information.
For families not currently enrolled who are seeking care:
- We are not currently accepting new enrollees.  You can still register for a future spot on  Once we can accept new enrollees they will be taken off of this list via the standard CNIC priority system.
- Exceptions to the policy for new enrollees may be requested on a temporary basis based on mission critical needs.  Please contact our front desk at (401) 841-4562 if  you need more information.
The CYP team is continuing to work diligently to ensure a safe, positive environment for your children – and we look forward to seeing more of them back soon!