NAVSTA Newport - Auto Skills Center & Car Wash

The MWR Auto Skills Program provides 
indoor stall space and a variety of 
tools to work on personal vehicles.  
This is a self-help facility.  Car wash 
system is open 24/7 and includes options 
for foam wash, rinse, spot free rinse, 
wax and drying.  To use this part of the 
facility, press the garage door open 
button on the side of the bay door and 
pull vehicle in.  When finished, simply 
pushbutton to close garage door after you 
pull your vehicle out.  Additional 
amenities include vacuums, a change 
dispenser and products available for 
purchase in the vending machines located 
outside the Auto Skills Center 
on the far left end of the building. 


PLEASE NOTE: Patrons must sign in at 
front desk before driving vehicle into 
bays 1-7. Children under the age of 10 
years old are not allowed inside the 
Auto Skills Center. NO PAINTING, GAS 
COMPARTMENT.  We accept used oil, 
transmission fluid, brake fluid and oil 
filters, free of charge during hours 
of operation.  We have some tools 
patrons may borrow, please check with 
front desk.


Auto Center Amenities
* Two oil change vehicle lifts 
  (one for small cars only)
* Three work bays
* Battery charger and hand tools
* Car Wash Amenities
* Indoor coin-operated, do-it-yourself 
  car wash bay available 24/7
* Vending machines with car cleaning 
* Two outdoor vacuums

This MWR facility is open to active 
duty personnel, retirees, reservists, 
eligible veterans (va caregivers), 
DoD civilians, and contractors with 
valid ID & base access.  Credit/debit 
card only (besides coin operated machines).