REC U - Deep Sea Fishing

REC U & Sailor Adventure Quest

Up to the challenge of learning something new?  The Community Recreation Center is offering 
monthly learning experiences. This month:

Deep Sea Fishing
Saturday, June 30

Enjoy fishing?  Want to acquire a new skill and learn how to deep sea fish?  Join us and 
take a four hour tour deep sea fishing in Plymouth, Massachusetts!  The crews of the boats 
also know the equipment and fishing techniques and they’ll share their knowledge so you’ll 
have a worthwhile experience.  Catch fish like Cod, Haddock, Mackerel, Pollack and Flounder, 
along with seeing wildlife while on the boat!  You can bring home all fish that are of legal 
size limit and may also have them cleaned for free.  For a small fee, one of our crew members 
can fillet the fish (if you wish to do so, a small cooler will be provided for the trip home).  
The boat offers full galley service on board where you can purchase hamburgers, hot dogs, 
pizza and a variety of snacks.  Hot and cold beverages are available, cash only. 

The trip cost is $32 per person for ages 13 & over, Liberty eligible (active duty personnel 
E1-E6 or active duty personnel attending Officer Training Command Newport, OCTN, or Naval 
Academy Preparatory School, NAPS).  Reservations are taken at Seaview Lanes Bowling Center 
until Wednesday, June 26.  For more information, call Theresa at (401) 841-3093. 

For more information, call (401) 841-3093.

This event is open to active duty personnel, retirees, reservists, eligible family members, 
and DoD civilians with base access.