NAVSTA Newport - The Stoveaway MWR Food Truck

The Stoveaway Food Truck is closed for the winter, we'll see you in Spring!





BREAKFAST    Tuesday-Friday
Egg Sandwich 3.50
Eggs, cheese (American, Provolone or Cheddar), choice of sausage or Canadian bacon served on English muffin

Breakfast Burrito 5
Eggs, cheese (American, Provolone or Cheddar), hash browns, salsa in a burrito wrap

Freshly Baked Muffin 2

Cinnamon Rolls 4

Hash browns 1.25

Freshly Ground Coffee 1.50

Juice 2


MEXICAN DAY  Tuesday & Thursday 
Bombastic Burrito 10 
Everything...and some chips!  Choice of two meats, rice, 
beans, lettuce, salsa, and chipotle aioli all wrapped up in 
a delicious portable feast.

Burritos 7
Choose from Carne Asada steak, carnitas or chicken 
with rice and beans topped with lettuce, our house 
made salsa, and shredded cheddar.  Comes with fresh 
tortilla chips.
*Make any burrito into a burrito bowl - meat, rice, beans 
and cheese served on a bed of lettuce with our house made salsa

Street Tacos 5
Three corn soft tacos with choice of Carne Asada steak, 
carnitas or chicken topped with our house made salsa

Chips  3
Tortilla chips and salsa

Drink 1.50


PHILLY DAY  Monday & Wednesday 
Classic Cheesesteak 6.50
8" Amoroso roll with a generous serving of steak, choice of 
cheese (Wiz, Prov, 'Merican), comes "wit" onions if you want.  
We suppose you can add green peppers for no extra charge
 if requested...just ignore our disapproving looks.

Chicken Cheesesteak 6.50
Same as the classic...but with chicken instead!

Weapon X 8.50
Chicken AND steak topped with all 3 cheeses (Wiz, Prov, 
'Merican) with or without onions

Cheesesteak Hoagie 7.50
The classic with lettuce, tomato & mayo

Kelly Green Steak 7.50
Chicken, cheddar, and our famous salsa verde on an 
Amoroso roll.  Add onions & peppers if desired!

Veggie Steak 6
Our vegetarian friends insisted...Onions, peppers, and 
choice of cheese on an Amoroso roll topped with lettuce 
and tomato.

All steaks come with fries!

Steak Salad 7
Steak (or chicken), cheese, onions and peppers over lettuce.

Cheese Fries 4

Steak Fries 6.50
Chicken or steak with cheese over fries...add onions & 
peppers if you really want to.

Loaded Potato Wedges 4
Potato wedges with cheese sauce, bacon and bleu cheese

Fries 3

Drinks 1.50


Asian Pork Mini Sandwiches  6
Two mini sandwiches with marinated pork (in an Asian brine) 
grilled with chipotle aioli and coleslaw. 

Hawaiian Bulgogi Mini Burgers  6.50
Two mini burgers served with onions, lettuce, tomato and 
cheddar cheese.

All sandwiches come with fries!

- This facility is open to active duty personnel, 
retirees, reservists, eligible family members, 
DoD civilians and contractors with base access.